Without fully knowing I was doing it, I chose a life for myself full of wandering. It started during childhood, the places my family ventured to at any and all times of year. Some were close; Tahoe before the snow hit, where we rode horses through the trees while sitting in big, leather saddles of … Continue reading Sanctuaries



Places have power. I've always believed that. Whether they bring people together or offer an escape, the power of place is like a tangible story. And the best places stay with you right from the start. The Gran Hotel Miramar is such a place.  It possesses the kind of beauty you don't know what to … Continue reading Miramar


The story of Icarus was told to me as a child, told from a big, gilded storybook strewn atop the cloud-like duvet of my grandparent's guest room. The story went like this: Icarus was a fool. Icarus did not listen to his father; what a terrible child we was, what sorrow he brought when he … Continue reading Icarus