I cannot project my experience onto you readers, nor can I make my heroes your heroes, or vice versa. On the 100th Birthday of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, however, it seems only right to make a comment and pay homage to a truly good, wonderfully great, American man. A man who now lives on in our … Continue reading Jack


Decoration Day

Any followers of my blog may have noticed my particular interest in the American Civil War. On this weekend's celebration of Memorial Day, then, it seems entirely appropriate for me to shed light onto the history of this holiday-- one that is known and understood by far too few. The end of the American Civil … Continue reading Decoration Day

Jolly Roger Rebels: The Real Pirates of the Caribbean

The Caribbean islands during early colonialism were an extremely polarized place fraught with injustice and enslavement—ultimately creating a society of force, not choice. To say that those without power blindly and submissively accepted their position in such a stratified system would be untrue, however, as examples of human agency run rampant across the wild tropics … Continue reading Jolly Roger Rebels: The Real Pirates of the Caribbean