A History of Women’s Marches

Last Saturday, a protest of gorgeous peace and proportions caught fire across the United States and beyond. The Women’s March of 2017 was so much more than thralls of progressive people placing one foot before another. It was a stance against the oppression, the marginalization, and the brutally damaged morality that has left our nation lame. Sometimes I read the news in the morning and I think we may not even have the exhausted fumes of energy to crawl toward a better future. Sometimes I think we have been plunged down a garbage disposal with the rest of the world and all of us are left bloody and screaming in pain for any possible way out of the darkness. Then out of the undying night comes a march like this, a demonstration of people who have enough hope in themselves and hope in humanity to holler it out to the rest of the world. Now I’m left praying the momentum does not die. I’m left hoping enough candles have been lit that the flame will never truly burn out.

Because I won’t reiterate what has already been perfectly well written, I’ve instead gathered five articles that offer perspectives on the history of women’s marches, and what all of this protest, dissension, and sociopolitical fracture may mean. Read on and to educate yourself and establish your own opinion, because hopefully the one thing we can agree on is that we all need to be thinking a lot harder on issues like this.





Bonus Perspective:

**I do not claim rights to any of the aforementioned articles (property of The Nation, The LA Times, The New YorkerThe Washington Post, and The New York Times, respectively), nor attached photo (property of Newsday/Alejandra Villa)


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